The concept of smart home, is becoming more and more popular in Europe and Hungary. The Smart Home is an automated system that perfectly adapts to our needs, in which electrical devices live their lives according to our habits. The compatibility of the system allows us to automate, regulate and remotely control the operation of almost any electrical device. Eg: lighting, heating, air conditioning, shutters, alarm, camera, sound system, home theater, irrigation system, household appliances, etc.

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a closed communication protocol working on a dedicated radio frequency, which was especially designed for smart home automation. The system can be installed and extended in existing homes too without demolition, carving or other modifications, and it can even be moved to a new home easily.

How does it work?

The system is built from various sensors – movement, opening, temperature, light, smoke, carbon-monoxide, humidity, rain, vibration –, special control modules and supplements, which are brought together and controlled by the central unit. So it works as the brain of the whole “living home” system. Information from the different sensors and system components arrive here through the Z-Wave network, they are being processed, and commands to the actor modules are being sent from the center. Programming according to the needs of the whole system is also done in the center. Accessing the system for monitoring and control is available through free mobile applications and the online web interface.

Remote control easily

Have you ever worried while going to work, whether you have switched off the lights, or unplugged the iron or the curling iron? With your phone, you can check this remotely, and if needed, you can turn off the electrical devices and equipment connected to the system. You can also remotely check who came to you when you are not at home. On your laptop or phone, you can see the picture of your video intercom to see who is at your door. Your smart home system can send you a notification if it senses movement inside or around the house, or the alarm sounds. A few clicks on your phone, and you can immediately see live view of your security cameras. You can further enhance your sense of security when, in an event of unauthorized intrusion, the level of alarm is increased beyond the audible alarm: lights can go constantly on and off, shutters can be closed or opened. In an event of a fire or pipe break, the system can alert people in the house with blinking lights and an alarm sound, and can alert absent family members or the competent authorities.

Is it affordable?

Advances in technology and wireless communications have allowed for a drastic reduction in cost, so installing a complete system is now only a fraction of the cost of previous wired systems. Given that each smart home is built individually, prices can vary. However, as a rule of thumb, the cost of installing a more valuable system is about 2-4% of the cost of the building itself. However, if you decide to sell your property in the future (including the built-in system), you can do so not only faster but probably at a 5-10% higher price.

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