Using the roller shutter control module, you can (remotely) control the shutters manually, time individual or grouped movement, as well as automate them in presence simulation mode when you are away from home. Besides shutters, blinds and curtain control is also a popular option. Besides shading, shutters play an important role in thermal insulation and mechanical protection too, so controlling them properly results in comfort, safety and savings. Efficiency can be further enhanced by taking into account tha variation in actual temperature and light conditions. For example, in summer, if you cannot keep the shutters closed due to your inside plants’ light demand, you can still prevent your home from extreme heating by partly (or fully) closing the shutters that receive direct sunlight, when they receive it, as the Sun moves accross the sky. In winter, when shutters are kept closed for better thermal insulation, when the system senses strong sunshine, shutters can be opened to warm (keep warm) the home, and closed when sunshine decreases.

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